About Hastings and the Karteria

Wednesday 15th June 2011

These are a series of quotes from various sources about Captain Frank and the Karteria.

“Karteria was built at the instigation of the great English Philhellene Frank Abney Hastings, who inspired the design, helped in the construction and commanded the ship on passage and in war. The Karteria was in many successful battles and was the first ever steam warship in successful naval war action.”
Dimitri G Capaitzis CEng FRINA, 2009

“There was already in 1827 a steam warship which made every other ship obsolete. The Karteria had the means to revolutionise naval warfare; mechanical propulsion, guns of heavy calibre to contrast with 32 pounders which were then the largest guns mounted on ships of the line and weapons capable of firing a bomb instead of a solid shot.”
Letter to his uncle, Admiral Lord Horatio Hornblower, ( Governer General of Malta ), from Lt Jonathan Hornblower – C. Northcote Parkinson

“ … Intelligent and scientific, Frank Abney Hastings to the above qualities unites those of great courage and coolness as well as enterprise.”
Lord Byron, 1824

“Remember Frank Abney Hastings who died in defence of his fellow suffering creatures.”
Tricoupis, Greek Secretary of State

“The Karteria was not only the first ship of the Hellenic Navy, but was the first steamship in the world used in battle. For this reason she is not only important for the role she had in the Greek Wars of Independence but also holds a place in Naval History throughout the world. “
Telemaque Maratos, President of the Society for the Study of Hellenic History


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