Botsaris, Marcos & Gen Kostas

Friday 10th April 2009

Botsaris Marcos (1788–1823) & Botsaris, Gen Kostas (1790–1853) were two sons of Captain Kitsos Botsaris who was murdered in 1809 on the orders of Ali Pasha. Marcos was a klepht (brigand or clan) leader who rose against the Ottomans with other Suliots in Western Greece. Marcos was distinguished in the first defence of Missalongi (1822–1823) & led the attack on Karpensi by 350 Suliots against 4,000 Albanians. He was shot in the head & died, but to this day is remembered as one of the great heroes. On the death of his elder brother, Marcos, Kostas took over & completed the victory at Karpensi. He lived to become a General & Senator in Greece. Whilst a great patriot, he was not regarded as quite such a hero as his elder sibling whose statue shares park space with Byron & Captain Frank in the Greek National Heroes Garden in Missalongi. Kostas’ son, Dimitrios (1813–1870) was three time Minister of War under Otto of Greece & King George 1 of Greece.


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