Finlay, George

Friday 10th April 2009

Finlay, George. (1799–1875), an historian of Scottish descent, was born in Faversham, Kent, where his father, an Army Officer was inspector of government powder mills. His initial training at the Universities of Glasgow and Edinburgh was in law, but as a young man he became an enthusiast for the Greek cause. This was exacerbated by his meetings with Byron & with Frank Abney-Hastings. He and Hastings were to become very good friends & he spent many months at sea observing the course of the war at first hand – an ideal viewpoint for an historian. After the war, & Frank’s death, he bought a property off Adrianou Street in the district of Athens now known as the Plaka. He was closely involved with the development of the country post war, but met with little success due probably to his involvement with many of the wartime leaders who were either dead or fallen out of favour under the new royalist regimes.

His lasting legacy was his History of Greece which he wrote between 1843 and 1861.


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