Ibrahim Pasha

Friday 10th April 2009

Ibrahim Pasha (1789–10th November 1848). Perhaps the most well known Egyptian General of the period, he was certainly the main hope for the Ottomans to retain their empire in Greece & the Balkans. He was the eldest son of Muhammed (also written Mehemet) Ali, Governor of Egypt under the Ottomans, & later Governor of Morea, & had become a general at a very early age in successful campaigns against the Wahabi tribes in Arabia, but was called on by the Sultan to lead the Muslim forces from 1823 to quell the Greek independence cause. Captain Frank, & of course the Karteria were certainly his greatest single fear, & Frank Abney Hastings did hold his opponent in great awe. After Navarino his time was clearly limited in Greece, & eventually he was forced to leave in 1828 by the French. In 1846 he was received by Queen Victoria in London as one of the world’s great military leaders, & when his father became insane he became Viceroy of Egypt for the last months of his life. His son went on to rule Egypt from 1863–79.


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