A great blog post about Captain Frank’s Memorial

Thursday 25th March 2010

A commentator in a previous post sent us a link to a post that he has written on Captain Frank’s memorial on Poros. It is a great read & well worth it if you have a few minutes. There are also several other articles on the site including a few about Captain Frank!

Captain Frank’s Memorial


2 Responses to A great blog post about Captain Frank’s Memorial

  1. Hello and thank you for your superb work on hastings and karteria!
    Where could I find a static model (or one for assembly) or even detailed plans of the ship?
    Thanks again and keep up with karteria :)

  2. Please feel free to contact me. There are as far as I know only two models of the Karteria, and my researcher does have copies of the original construction plans for the Karteria from Brent Shipyard. Please respond on maurice@ashthorpemagna.co.uk

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