A Happy New Year Message

Friday 1st January 2010

Dear Friends.


An opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of those old & new friends who have made the research into Captain Frank so much more fun during 2009.

The highlight of the year was the trip to Athens with my great helpers Peter & Dianne & my son James along with his girlfriend Naomi. The presentation at the National Historical Museum will long remain in my memory – thank you to all who organised that.

Following meetings with the publisher, Ari Caratzas, Di has done wonders with the graphics, especially with the old maps & charts so a special thanks to her. I would also be grateful if Di could forward this greeting to a number of our friends in Greece for whom I do not have an e-mail address.

What does 2010 hold?

I am determined to finally find out where the Russian Dockyard is on Poros wher the Karteria was broken up. HELP!

Clearly we must work closely with Ari to ensure that the book is published as quickly as possible, & Di & I are both available to go to Athens at short notice for any final discussions needed.

As soon as we have a date then we do need to work hard to raise the € 8,000 sponsorship required to mount a transportable exhibition. Naturally this will commence at the wonderful Ashby-de-la-Zouch Museum only 4 kilometers from Frank’s “English” home! From there there have been discussions with a number of Universities in the UK who cover this period of Greek History, & I have no doubt that several of these will want to mount a short exhibition; this also applies to two universities in Australia for the future. Much interest has been expressed in Greece, & I would be especially keen to have the exhibition visit the National Historical Museum, the National Maritime Museum in Piraeus & the local museums at Missolongi, Nauplio, & Hydra. Due to the influence of Frank with the establishment of the Hellenic Navy it would also be good to do something at Poros.

I do like the idea of perhaps working with somebody like Swan Hellenic Cruises to provide the exhibition & lectures aboard cruise ships! Eventually the exhibition may end up either back at Ashby or perhaps in the British School at Athens.

Your help in searching for suitable sponsor companies would be much appreciated.

May I draw this to a close with the words of the great Greek statesman, Tricoupi at the State Funeral of Frank on Poros in 1829:

Remember Frank Abney-Hastings who died in defence of his suffering fellow creatures.

Have a very happy & peaceful New Year.

Warmest regards



2 Responses to A Happy New Year Message

  1. Geraint Jones CC.

    Happy New Year,
    Just come across the site found it very interesting and I will return as often as possible, and wish everyone involved every success and a Happy New Year.
    As a brief resume, I am a Welsh speaking Welshman who has lived in Ashby nearly 40years, and currently is the Town and District councillor for the Ivanhoe Ward in Ashby, and since June 09 I have been the County Councilor for Measham and Forest Division of the County, which covers Moira, inc. Blackfordby,Donisthorpe,Oakthorpe,Acresford,Albert Village,Spring Cottage,Norris Hill and fringes of Woodville. It is an area at the Heart of the National Forest which is rapidly becoming a most desirable location, and will be even more so when we can finance the completion of the restoration of the Ashby Canal from Snareston through to Donisthorpe/Moira Furnace.
    My own personal obsession is American Presidential History and I have an ambition to visit all the Presidential birthplaces and burial places, to-date I have managed 12 out of 44. Plenty to look forward to !!
    Regards & Best Wishes
    Geraint Jones.

  2. Dear Geraint

    May I first apologise for lack of response, but something must have gone wrong with the system and everything for 3 months arrived today. I am pleased you have found the site interesting – we had a very good turnout at a lecture I gave at the museum last year, but was nothing to compare in excitement from that at the Old Parliament House in Athens! If any further lectures are organised in the area I will make sure you are invited.

    Sadly everything delayed with publisher (US/Greek) due to the current crisis in Greece so everything on hold. I am hoping that it will start moving again by summer.

    Wow – 30 birthplaces of American Presidents to go! What fascinating research even locating them – good luck with this.

    Kind regards



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