Prestigious Maritime Magazines requesting copies for review

Monday 5th September 2011

The PR effort started this week and has already produced a remarkable result. Three of the most prestigious specialists in the world of Maritime Magazines have requested a copy for review:

Signals – the Magazine for the Australian National Maritime museum. In addition a copy is going into their research facility at their Vaughan Evans Library and will also be offered for sale in their retail outlet “The Store”.

Powerships the Magazine of the Steamship Historical Society of America.

The Marine Quarterly.

Naturally I am delighted that these well-know institutions are interested in Captain Frank and the KARTERIA but I also received a delightful e-mail from a member of the Hellenic Society wanting a review copy, but also will order for the Royal Holloway University of London Library. In addition they gave me a contact for an Emeritus Professor in this field and a suggestion that I may deliver a lecture!



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