Shot Himself In The Foot

Friday 20th March 2009

An extract of letter in London Times from Napoli di Romania (Nauplio) – August 16 1827.

serverence (Karteria) steam-vessel is also now at Poros.

“The Perserverence (Karteria) is also now at Poros.Her machines are entirely useless. Two engineers belonging to her have come to endeavour to construct new ones. Captain Hastings, they say, was wounded in the foot by a pistol going off in his hand; this took place whilst he was engaged in a duel with Captain Whitcombe, an officer, who was wounded in Athens. The cause of the quarrel I have not learned. Captain Hastings is with the steam-vessel at Poros”

You would think after the trouble his previous challenge had caused nearly 10 years earlier he would have resisted the challenge. The owner of Frank’s pistols today, says that they were purchased from Riviere in London whilst Frank was there in 1824, and that he was not in the least surprised that this should have happened.

Who though was Captain Whitcombe? As yet I can find no record of him.


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